The Pros and Cons of Bringing Guests

Should I bring guests to my wedding dress appointment?


Shopping for your wedding dress is a big moment in your life – after all, you have dreamed of this day since you were little! Or you may have not – and feel very daunted by the thought of dress shopping! Either way bridal shopping should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience for every bride. It’s important to remember that this is a special time in your life, and the process of finding the perfect dress should be a memorable one.


Some brides will be incredibly excited and giddy at the thought of wedding dress shopping, while others might find the whole idea overwhelming and feel it’s very much out of their comfort zone . Either way myself and Kelly are here to support you every step of the way! 


You may find yourself unsure if you should bring guests, and who to invite if you do. We have so much advice on our website – from the things brides wish they knew before bridal shopping, to the signs you have found ‘The One’ – but today we wanted to shed light on the impact of your guests on your wedding dress shopping journey.


In this blog we will take a look at the pro’s and con’s of bringing guests to your bridal appointment and how best to choose who to bring! 



The Pros of Bringing Guests

1. They could offer emotional support

The support and opinion from your family and friends may prove invaluable if you are indecisive or not the most confident bride. You may find you can truly rely on your loved ones for supportive opinions and the nudge you need to say yes to the dress!



2. It’s a memorable experience to share with loved ones

Shopping for your wedding dress is an incredibly important moment in your life that should hopefully only happen the once, therefore you may want to share this special experience with your closest friends or family.


3. They can help you keep focused

If you pick guests that are your biggest cheerleaders and are really in touch with you and your personal style your onto a winner! Making sure that the guests you do choose to bring with you are aware of YOUR wants and wishes for your bridal look they will be able to help support and encourage you to stay focused! Make sure you savvy your guests up prior to your appointment with what your looking for so they don’t try and steer you off course!


If any of the above sound like you, then you may benefit from inviting guests with you while bridal shopping. But, who should you bring with you? You’ll want to avoid ‘that’ person in your life who has a talent for saying the wrong thing all the time. Instead, consider inviting someone who is able to provide their honest opinion in a gentle and loving way.


What about my mum/mother-in-law, you say? You should absolutely invite them if it is going to directly benefit you to have them there! However, if you have a strained relationship, then don’t feel the pressure to include them because it is ‘the done thing’. The important person in this experience is you, cut the guilt strings and ensure you only invite guests who are going to enhance the experience for you.

The Cons of Bringing Guests

1. There might be too many opinions

It can be very overwhelming if you are faced with multiple or conflicting opinions from your loved ones during your bridal appointment. You might even find yourself so confused by the bombardment of opinions, that you neglect to consider your own. If your friends and family are particularly opinionated, or you find yourself easily swayed to please others, then consider shopping solo.


2. Guests could distract you from actually focusing on finding ‘the one’ 

When you take your friends and family bridal shopping, you may be encouraged to make it more of a series of events with what will end up feeling like guest appeasing and entertaining. We fully believe That you deserve an amazing and memorable dress shopping experience but on the other end of the scale you can end up being swept away by the occasion of dress shopping, making countless back to back appointments to fill your day or even month which means you end up focusing on having a nice time with your loved ones and can lead to complete dress confusion and the blurry dress haze which can be detrimental to actually finding the perfect dress for you! 
Don’t take away from the specialness of this process by over shopping! Less is more and research on designers and boutiques best suited to you is key!


3. There might be disagreements between guests and everyone has their own personal opinions and bias’

From divided opinions between dresses, or uncomfortable conversations while you were in the fitting room – some brides find there can be disagreements between their guests or outspoken personal opinions which aren’t relevant to yours and can really distract from your personal choice! 

Not only can this impact your decision making on the day, but it could ultimately spoil the memorable experience you had wanted to achieve.


4. They could distract from your personal style

Your friends and family love you and May know you better than anyone else but when it comes to your wedding dress, no one is you – or experiences your personal emotions and dress shopping can most certainly involve both practical and emotional feelings and a gut feeling which should always be listened to and not questioned by others! 

We both know your guests love you but this could lead to your guests having their idea on what sort of dress you will want or need which may clash with your own thoughts, style or preferences for your big day. Whether they have missed the mark and don’t understand your style or they do but can’t wrap their mind around you wanting to wear something different to your normal – these opinions can distract you from listening to your gut feeling! 


Does any of the above ring true for you? We would encourage you to consider bridal shopping on your own. (You will never be alone though with either Kelly or I here supporting, empowering you and being your biggest cheerleaders!) You can always make a second appointment with your loved ones to view the dress, once you have narrowed your choices down on your solo trip or make an occasion of bringing them to try on your dress once you’ve ordered it and it arrives in store! Every appointment at HEB is special and completely tailored to you so always feel reassured knowing this! 


There are many benefits to shopping for your wedding dress alone, including the flexibility this gives you when you don’t have to organise around other peoples schedules which can be a logistical nightmare! Wedding dress shopping on your own ensures you are shopping in a calm and tranquil environment with the freedom to make your own decisions, plus with Hannah or Kelly by your side you will never feel alone!

Wedding Dress Shopping at HEB

Should I Bring Guests Wedding Dress Shopping?

Only you can answer this question as it will vary from bride to bride. Hopefully the pro’s and con’s listed in this blog will help you to make the right choice for you. Whatever decision you make, you’ll want to ensure you are focusing on your own needs and wants.


If you bring guests or come solo to Hannah Elizabeth Bridal then we’re on hand to make this a positive experience for you. If bringing guests is the right choice for you, you should know that we do limit this to a maximum of three guests, this is to make sure our boutique still feels calm and comfortable for our brides. We also recommend before attending your appointment that you manage expectations and set boundaries with your loved ones.


If you think that solo shopping is better suited for you to provide a relaxing and luxurious experience, then we are on hand to provide experienced guidance. We will always endeavour to make our independent brides feel confident and comfortable, and our guidance will always focus around your own style and preferences.

Wedding Dress Shopping at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

We can’t wait to welcome you into our designer bridal boutique in Botley – Hampshire’s #1 luxury bridal boutique! We hope that this blog has supported you with the decision on whether to invite guests or not. Regardless of your choice, we look forward to meeting you and supporting you with finding ‘The One’.


If you are yet to make an appointment, or you would like some further support ahead of your appointment, then please do get in touch with us!


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