Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

How Will I Know When I've Found 'The One?'

“Hannah… how do I know when I’ve found ‘The One’?

Here at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, we have a gorgeous collection of bridal gown designers to choose from – and on your first ever wedding dress appointment, it can be super overwhelming to think YOUR bridal gown is hanging on those rails. So a common question from our #HEBLovely brides is… ‘How do I know when I’ve found my perfect wedding dress?’


A lot of brides enter the boutique with the expectation they will cry when they find the ‘The One’ – the pretence that they will cry when they find their dress is often a misconception!

It is so important for you to remember that finding YOUR dress is a personal and emotional experience, but the reality is, you simply might not be much of a crier, and that is perfectly okay! Just because you don’t cry, doesn’t mean it’s not the dress for you.


There are plenty of other strong indications that you’ve found your perfect wedding dress – and if it ticks many of these boxes, the likelihood is, you’ve found your perfect wedding dress!


With years of experience in bridal and seeing brides leave after having found their dream dress, Hannah and Kelly have put together their six tell-tale signs that you’ve found ‘The One!’

5 Signs You've Found Your Wedding Dress | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal | Wedding Dresses Hampshire

1. You feel amazing in it!


This is absolutely one of the most obvious signs that you’ve found your dream wedding dress. No bride will walk down in the aisle in a dress that doesn’t make them feel a million dollars. Your dress might not be exactly the style or shape you expected – or it might be everything you had pictured – but either way once you’re in it, you’ll feel incredible. You won’t want to take it off!


2. You can’t stop thinking about it


During your bridal appointment at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, it’s likely you’ll try on a variety of wedding dresses, but the ones you love will stay present in your mind. If you find you keep coming back to a certain dress, and compare every other dress to it then that’s a telling sign! We’ve seen it many a time, and it can certainly make the process feel more streamline for our brides because they simply start to become a pro at whipping off all of the other dresses on and off as they simply cannot wait to retry ‘The One’ back on! Something is telling you… that is ‘The One’. Don’t ignore your gut feeling!

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal | Wedding Dresses Hampshire
Selecting the Bridal Gown For You | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal | Wedding Dresses Hampshire

3. There’s something ‘not quite right’ about other bridal gowns


When you try on other dresses, you begin to pick them apart. The straps aren’t quite right, you’re not sure on the bodice, you’d feel more comfortable if the neckline was slightly different. If you put on the dress and you find yourself scrutinising it – the cut, the fabric, the style, that’s a red flag it is not ‘The One’. Thank you, next.


When you find ‘The One’, you won’t be picking it apart.


4. You start to talk about the finer details and picturing yourself on the day in The Dress!


‘The One’ just works – you can see yourself in it. You can see yourself walking down the aisle wearing it. It suits your personality, your wedding style and your groom – potentially in ways you didn’t expect. It fits into your vision. This is a huge indicator as you’ll start to talk about the finer details of the day itself, for example the wedding venue, your hair/make-up, your bride bouquet, whether you’ll be able to comfortably sit in the gown, whether it sits right with decor details. You’re essentially envisaging yourself in it. Do not ignore this sign!

Which Wedding Dress is For You? | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal | Wedding Dresses Hampshire

5. You love it regardless of the opinion of others


Our previous brides have all been there. You invite one or two friends or family members to attend your bridal appointment with you, and before you know it, you’ve got a million contrasting opinions on every single dress.

Of course you will value your trusted bridal squads opinion, but remember everyone will have their own personal choice and sure enough if you LOVE the dress regardless of others opinions, you know that’s an obvious sign the dress is THE ONE for you! Finding your perfect wedding dress is such a personal and emotional process, so staying true to your instinct is key!


6. You wont want to take it off.. and your body language will say it all!


Body language is so telling and a significant tell-tale sign when our brides have found ‘The One’! Our brides will hold themselves with poise, and emulate an undeniable aire of excitement and confidence! Hannah & Kelly can often tell instantly just by the change in body language.

Our Brides tend to begin to move around in their dress, getting the sensation of how they might feel on the day, walking down the isle, dancing, arm waving (for all the party vibes) and chatting to their guests. They start finding the fabric tactile, showing signs that they’re feeling good in their skin and good in ‘The One!’



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