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I’ve had to postpone… but what can I do now?
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I’ve had to postpone… but what can I do now?

Hello beautiful #HELovelies,

We are writing this to you from our newly reopened boutique, our beautiful haven which we missed dearly in the midst of lockdown. We are so happy to be able to be truly present for all of our amazing brides. To say that 2020 has been a touch turbulent is an understatement and we have had many heartfelt conversations with our existing HEB Lovelies who’s plans and dreams for their wedding have been affected this year. Sending virtual love to you all!

Sadly, the main topic of the conversation has been postponement.

It’s the ‘P’ word of the moment, and not in a positive way (we preferred ‘proposal’!). However, we want to assure you that over the years, we’ve seen weddings postponed for all kinds of reasons. There are so many inventive ways that you can still enjoy the excitement of your big day, safely. Don’t let the butterflies lie dormant, don’t let your dancing shoes go to waste.

Let’s plan to postpone, the #HELovely way.


Having your day a different way

Just because the date has changed, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your original nuptials! With everything that’s going on, it’s important that we lean into each other. We appreciate that everyone’s personal situations are different and you may decide, as a couple, that you want to legally tie the knot now and throw a bigger and even better party for a later date! Or you may decide that you want to keep it simple and share tender time together with a sunset beach walk and a bottle of bubbly, or even your own intimate party with your partner. Get excited about what you’re going to wear and turn the garden into a honeymoon paradise!

We’re talking all out! Break out the champagne, hell, even Hollywood wave your hair! Put your favourite tunes on and gather your family around on Zoom or now, even a social distanced gathering! Why not have a garden picnic or if you’re feeling super creative turn your garden into a mini venue!

We’ve seen bridesmaids donning their dresses on video calls, grooms brushing off their suits for a beer in a deckchair and brides gracing their living rooms in their wedding accessories.

It’s so easy to let this moment pass you by – but we urge you to create a historical event in your own timeline. Imagine looking back on these moments in 10 years time… what a testament to the love that you share with your other half!

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders wedding dress at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event


Our #HEBLovely Abigail held a #welegallydo party from her home in Jersey with her hubby on 18th July 2020 which was beyond special!

“Our dream wedding in Croatia couldn’t happen this year. But it doesn’t matter because I still got to marry you! I had the most incredible day celebrating our legal nuptials with our family and friends in the back garden of the house we built


Get planning during postponement

You’ve always wanted to plan your big day down to the tiniest details… Why stop now? You may have spent a lot of time over lockdown rethinking and reworking your special day. For some, perhaps, a lot more time on the sofa, heavenly for a Pinterest addict!! From DIY projects to thoughtful gifts, immerse yourself in the creativity of your special day. With a potentially lengthened engagement, this is the perfect time to ensure you finalise the suppliers you had your lashes locked on or the detailed little touches you wanted to perfect for the big day! Not only is it a welcome distraction from the daily news, but it’ll ignite the excitement that might have waned in recent weeks.

Some of our favourite planning pastimes?

Getting savvy with at home facials (Retinol from The Ordinary is one of our new loves!), working on growing that glorious mane (girl, have you heard about Olaplex?) and practising DIY manicures that’ll make our hens swoon! Turn these uncertain times into a haven of self-care and indulge in scrolling sessions that used to make you feel just a little guilty 😉

Reimagining when you can’t rebook

In some cases, you might not have been able to rebook the exact same suppliers you’d originally chosen. As hard as it is, don’t let this mar your moment. Speak to the suppliers you can’t rebook and ask who they’d recommend. Book Zoom calls with potential stand-ins and relish the opportunity to reimagine what you can’t rebook! Made a saving by switching suppliers? Treat yourself to the extra tier on the cake or the bracelet that was the perfect match for your hairpiece.

It’s easier said than done, we know. But our #HELovelies are a creative and innovative bunch. We know that your reimagined rendezvous will be even more stunning.

Double the day

The biggest complaint we get at Hannah Elizabeth? That our brides only get to wear their dress once… well, not so! If you’re still able to get legally married, but you’ll be hosting your reception at a later date – why not wear your dress twice! Having a Zoom or downscaled wedding followed by a family affair next year? Why not get a little white number to prance around the kitchen in?

“Wherever you can, create two special moments to enjoy! – Hannah”

We offer our brides the chance to purchase a signature #HEB Lovely luxury love heart wedding dress box which usually our brides would use to preserve their gown after their big day forevermore. However, if you have decided to postpone, and you want to keep your #HELovely gown safe, our boxes will tuck them up and stop you from trying it on again and again… and again (trust us, you can wear a wedding dress too many times).

High leg split wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
High leg split wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event


Our #HEBLovely Josie and her hubby Jim decided that they still wished to say their I do’s and so they officially tied the knot in a tiny local church which had not seen a wedding for at least 38 years! Josie and Jim created their very own lockdown wedding from their own home and created the most treasured of memories!

“Having a lockdown wedding was for us was so special and unique, if we could turn back time we wouldn’t change it for the world! To be surrounded by our close family and friends was just a bonus during this made and unpredictable time. For us getting married was so important even if we couldn’t have the big day of 150 people that we planned, but we will still have the big reception next year as planned – who gets to have two weddings anyway! I work within the NHS so to have something to look forward to was so lovely even if we did only have two weeks to plan the day! What’s more is I get to wear my dress for a second time next year and I can’t wait! Josie”

If you’re still looking for your dream dress, we are here for you! With tonnes of inspiration in my Lookbook and regular updates on our Instagram, we are here ready to make the process a joyful and stress free process!

Got questions about your wedding dress or what to do between now and your new date? Just pop us a message! We love hearing from you all, and we’re on hand to dish out the advice whenever you need it.

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

Photo – Nick Hart Photography


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