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Hello beautiful #HELovelies,

If your wedding has been postponed, you might be looking at your beautiful wedding gown and accessories longingly, wondering how to keep them safe and away from your wistful glances… just for a little while.

From rings to hairpieces, gowns to purpose bought cosmetics – there are lots of bits and pieces that you’ll need to keep safe until your wedding day. We’re fortunate to work with some exceptional designers and suppliers, who have weighed in on the best way to keep your fineries in tip-top condition.

Wedding Rings

Your beautiful wedding bands are looking forward to their full-time vocation, but for now – they need to take a little holiday. To keep them safe, we’d recommend giving them a clean and storing them in their original boxes. A nice quality box will be velvet or fabric-lined, to ensure no scratching or movement occurs. To prevent your box discolouring or getting into the hands of small people or pets, put it in a high, dark cupboard, away from steam or moisture. If you have a jewellery box, this would be the perfect place to keep them tucked away.

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

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Your lovingly chosen hairpiece also needs a little TLC whilst it waits for its debut. Ensure that there’s no dust or hair product on your hairpiece before putting it away. If possible, wrap it in tissue paper and store in its original box. If you don’t have a box, wrap it carefully and slip it inside a zip-lock bag. Wherever you store your hairpiece, ensure that nothing is stashed on top of it.

If you have a shoebox (perhaps the one that houses your wedding shoes) it might be a good idea to slip it inside. This way, you know where your wedding accessories are and there’s no chance your hairpiece will get misplaced or damaged. 

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders wedding dress at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

Wedding Shoes

It’s Friday night and you’ve had a few pink flamingos (if you know, you know)…

You might be tempted to pop your wedding heels on for a little spin around the landing.

Ladies, let us stop you there!

Lovingly secure your bridal shoes in tissue paper (or keep them safe in your Rachel Simpson dust bag) and secure the paper with a little piece of tape and leave them in the box. To make it even more difficult to give in to temptation, take a yard or two of soft ribbon and secure your shoebox elegantly. We know it’s hard not to take a wistful peek every now and then, but trust us, you’ll thank us later. 

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders wedding dress at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

Bridal Gowns

The best way to keep your wedding gown away from accidental discovery, or worse, is to store it in one of our custom boxes. Carefully stowed away, a box will protect your dress from damage, discolouration, moths and sunlight. Before your big day, it’ll simply need a steam!

If you have any questions about protecting your #HELovely gown, please please get in touch. We’d hate for anything to happen to your pièce de résistance because you were too polite to ask. We’re here for you, our treasured #HELovely.

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