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We are so happy to see restrictions lift and large-scale weddings return to the UK, and it seems wedding dress designers agree – we have never seen such an abundance of Uber-chic gowns to choose from. From coloured gowns, sheer dresses and multiple looks throughout the day, we are spoilt for choice when looking for stunning bridal wear. As there are so many trends taking over the wedding scene, we’ve rounded up HEB’S favourite bridal trends for 2023 and 2024.

Go Big or Go Bow

We predict that bows are going to be the biggest trend for 2023-2024 brides and we can see why! As a versatile embellishment, a bow can transform a bridal look to be more dramatic or sweet depending on the styling. With many designers emerging with bows built-in to their gowns in their latest collections, we are bound to see this feminine touch added to even more gowns. 

Bows of any size suit most silhouettes and if aren’t already included on your dream dress they can be added as an accessory, we love the idea of adding a bow onto a more minimalist gown. This trend is taking a substantial upgrade and we are noticing the oversized bow is taking over. It is the perfect way to ensure all eyes are on you, we love Alysia from Love Story Bride for the statement bow on the back, or for the confident bride Margot by Vera Wang boasts a stunning bow on the shoulder. 


Love Story Bride - Alysia | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Vera Wang Bride - Margot | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

3D Florals

Florals have always been a staple in wedding dress design from appliqués to floral beading, but in recent years we have seen the emergence of the more dramatic 3D florals across multiple designers. The eye-catching 3D florals are becoming a main attraction on bridal gowns, instead of an intricate detail and we are obsessed! 

Make a floral statement Faustina by Vera Wang with a detachable oversized floral sash, which allows you to transform your bridal look from ceremony to party. Or for a more delicate 3D floral touch, we love Luz overskirt from Love Story Bride. 

Vera Wang Bride - Faustina | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Love Story Bride - Luz | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

A Sheer Moment

For the confident bride, a popular trend that is gaining popularity is sheer bridal gowns. From grandparent friendly hints of skin peeping through a sheer bodice, all the way to a more adventurous fully sheer skirt – this trend is adaptable to every brides personal preference. 

Saint by Jane Hill is a gorgeous gown that wonderfully balances modesty with sheer sexiness to create a fashion-forward modern gown. The sleeves add a touch of reserve to an otherwise daring gown with sheer skirt showcasing your legs and revealing the bodysuit underneath. For a softer approach to this trend, consider Tibby by Luna Novias. The sheer sleeves and delicate whispers of skin through the bodice make for a modern and romantic gown. 

Jane Hill Bridal - Saint | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire
Luna Novias - Tibby  | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

Party Minis

Mini dresses are an absolute staple in every girls wardrobe and why should your wedding be any different? Many brides are opting for a second shorter dress in the evening to dance the night away, and some are even forgoing the traditional long dress for the ceremony altogether. 

Vera Wang have created Eugenie which gives you the best of both worlds. As a very on-trend wedding dress, this gown incorporates a mini dress and a sheer longer dress to provide a stunning and practical gown suitable for all types of wedding. 

Vera Wang Bride - Eugenie | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Vera Wang Bridal - Eugenie | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal


Off-the-shoulder dresses have been growing in popularity and that is unlikely to stop anytime soon, as this stunning neckline is so feminine and classy. Love Story Bride have brought Alba to the table when it comes to off-the-shoulder gowns and it is absolutely perfect for a summer wedding, featuring sheer tulle off-the-shoulder sleeves and 3D petal details. 

For a super luxurious and fashionable take on this popular trend, we love gowns that are both off-the-shoulder and with full length sleeves. Violin by Rosa Clara is beautiful, with full length sleeves down to the wrists that puff out at first like a Juliet sleeve, for an on-trend touch of drama. Plus, these sleeves are detachable, creating a second strapless bridal look for the evening. 

Love Story Bride - Alba | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Rosa Clara - Violin | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal


Glamorous and timeless, ballgowns will always have a place in bridal trends every year. As large-scale weddings are returning following the pandemic, so are big and elaborate ballgowns. Often complimented by a corset or waist cinching waistband to create a stunning silhouette, ballgowns can be simply embellished, intricately covered in ruffles and appliqués – or anything in-between. 

Tron by Rosa Clara is a sophisticated and refined wedding dress for a traditional bride, showcasing a V in the front and the back with stunning pleated skirt. Lancaster by Jane Hill is a modern take on the ballgown with a seductive leg-split and deep plunge neckline, this gown is sure to take your other-half’s breath away. 

Rosa Clara - Tron | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Jane Hill - Lancaster | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

Captivating Capes

We are just as obsessed with veils as we have always been, but we also can’t get enough of the cape trend that we have seen emerge over the last few years. We predict that capes will continue to grow in popularity through 2023 and 2024. 

The spectacular details on the Stardust cape by Catherine Deane will ensure you make a grand entrance to your ceremony and we think it will compliment any gown, from minimalist to beautifully detailed. 

Catherine Deane - Stardust Cape | Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Catherine Deane - Stardust Cape Back

Dresses from Hannah Elizabeth Bridal

With so much choice for bridal gowns for the fashion-forward bride, you’ll be bound to find ‘the one’ at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in Botley. To try on the dresses mentioned in our blog and to really get a feel for the materials and how the current trends feel on you, we encourage you to book a bridal appointment with us. 



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