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Hannah vs. Kelly
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It’s our first incognito interview – Hannah Vs. Kelly


Hello gorgeous readers! It’s the incognito-interview here… and I’ve set a challenge for Hannah and Kelly.

We love this darling duo, from their secret giggles to their jet-set, trunk show selfies. The fashion-long-aficionados behind the little blue door, who conjure up bridal magic every day. But… what we want to know is, what really goes on behind that little blue door. What are those style sorceresses up to?

I’ve put some cheeky questions to them both… the catch? Neither of them knew what I’d asked the other. So, what you see here is exactly what Hannah and Kelly saw the first time they saw this post.

It’s an incognito-interviewer takeover! Enjoy!

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders wedding dress at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

First up it’s Hannah

What’s it really like working with Kelly?

Working with Kelly is the dream, except when we turn up in the same outfits because we have spent too much time together and start morphing into one another! It is honestly like working with the right hand side of my brain, she’s the yin to my yang! It’s wonderful and I couldn’t wish for someone better to work with! We spend a lot of time laughing – at ourselves, mainly. We definitely know one another’s quirks and share the same sense of silly humour!

When did Kelly join the business and what skills does she bring?

Kelly started working for Hannah Elizabeth Bridal in July of 2017 when I was expecting my little boy Rupert! I needed someone (well not anybody!) who I could trust implicitly to take the reins and look after my boutique and brides with the utmost love and care. The thought of leaving my boutique in the full care of someone else was terrifying However, I knew of Kelly through the industry over the years. She even helped me out when I very first opened my boutique and had a wedding to go to! We’ve always had a connection and always dipped in and out of one another’s lives by fate – it was like it was meant to be.

Coming from a very skilled and expert background in luxury jewellery design, Kelly’s eye for detail and design is exquisite and with perfectionism being one of her key traits, we both know that we like things just so. A great attribute to have in this industry! Being a positive and bubbly ray of light, she quickly makes anyone in her presence feel at ease!

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Blush wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

What’s Kelly’s worst habit?

Asking people what their favourite chocolate or food is… if you can call that a bad habit! If you aren’t chocolate obsessed like us then I am afraid we can’t be friends…

If Kelly was a song… what song would she be?

This Girl Is On Fire by Alicia Keys!
Tehehe, inside joke for you Kelly 😉

No really, anything by Lana Del Ray – Kelly loves her music and is she definitely one of our top played artists in the boutique!

What’s the best thing about working with your bestie?

Firstly, it doesn’t feel like working! She is my work wife! We love our boutique and what we do is our absolute passion, so it simply makes every working day (it’s hard to class what we love doing as ‘working’) well-spent, with someone who finds your silly ways as funny as you do! We love design and styling and tend to go over the top with elaborate window display ideas even when this means seriously lengthy DIY days. Anything for a beautiful window to inspire our brides!

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Blush wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

What’s your fondest memory with Kelly?

I have so many fun and fond memories spent with Kelly – it’s too hard to choose! From numerous buying trips to Barcelona, London and Harrogate, involving long road trips… to deep conversations, shopping, cocktails and bad footwear decisions… to ridiculous scenarios when we realise we are equally accepting of one another’s nutty habits and behaviour!

From lying on the floor chatting with my heels on, post lunch, to popping out a few ab exercises… to Kelly’s amazing impersonations that induce belly laughter which is amazing for the soul!

She adored my little boy, Rupert, from the moment she met him, and her never ending thoughtful ways, her hand made beautiful gifts for Roo’s nursery are too gorgeous!

Now, its Kelly

How do you and Hannah know each other and how long have you been friends?

We met very early on, before Hannah had opened the boutique and stayed in contact. It wasn’t until Hannah needed a manager for the boutique that we really became close friends and started working together.

What’s it like working with Hannah?

It’s a dream! She is very inspiring as she works so hard and has the biggest ambitions for her business. I adore working for her and love the business like it’s my own.

What’s your favourite thing about Hannah Elizabeth Bridal?

Can I say everything? I love the boutique, it’s beautiful and I love being there. Helping our brides find a dream gown and being a part of that special experience is very much a little bit of an honour. I love how creative and diverse my job is, I love having such a big input into the business.

Watters Wtoo, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
Blush wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event

What’s your least favourite thing about working in the wedding industry?

Right now! Not being able to fix the current situation for our brides to get married at this time. Other than that, nothing I love it all.

If you could stop Hannah from doing one thing for the rest of her life, what would it be?

Saying sorry! She’s very empathetic and that is why she’s a joy to be around but she doesn’t need to say sorry as she’s perfect!

Who makes a better cup of tea… Hannah or Kelly?

I’d say me! But Hannah is all about the coffee and smashes that!

Who has the best fashion sense?

Hannah, definitely!

Who is the best cook?

I’ve not actually tasted Hannah’s cooking to answer that!

What’s your fondest memory with Hannah?

I have loads! Bumping her head on the window on my first day or any memory that we laugh for ages! And traveling together on buying trips allow us lots of time together!

High leg split wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
High leg split wedding gown, Cabinet of Wonders, an exclusive Watters WTOO event
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