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I didn’t quite know how to announce something so exciting as our beautiful new website… What do you think ladies??

I had thought of doing a dramatic countdown on Instagram, but let’s be honest – it’s been rather busy recently. When the boutique is buzzing, and the new dresses are arriving, we want nothing more than to do one thing… help you find your timeless and beautiful bridal style.

I am FINALLY announcing, sharing, and showing off the new internet home of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire luxury bridal boutique.

It’s been months in the making, kept cosily under wraps with only a few key amazing people knowing about it. We are lucky to have the support of a stellar team! So how? Why? When? I’m sure you’re wondering. Why don’t we break it on down for you a little itty bit!

1. why?


Our award-winning bridal boutique has had the same website since we launched in 2005. It showed our passion for bridal, giving you an insight into our world of beautiful, elegant gowns. It was beautiful and simple but it looked and felt like every other bridal site, to us. As we have honed our brand and taken ownership of our unique space in the Hampshire wedding industry. Kelly and I realised we did not want to blend in anymore.

Now your bespoke experience starts with our beautiful site. We can proudly say that from the moment you make contact with us, from our first phone consultation to your exciting and luxurious bridal boutique appointment – we lead you with our expertise. We guide you through our extraordinary array of designers and impress you with their exquisite fabrics and mesmerising designs. It is always our aim to passionately provide an unparalleled, inspirational and high-end bridal shopping experience.

Meet Hannah, announcing her new website for Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique
Hannah and Kelly of Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique

When creating the site, we wanted elements that we have never seen before.  Our “lookbook” for each designer is regularly updated, our blog will feature advice from experts across the wedding industry and our contact form will feed effortlessly into our brand-new, bespoke client system.  We now have a feature page on our past brides, and an our about page tells you so much more about Kelly and myself. Its aim is to ensure that you feel truly connected to HEB before you step through our pretty blue door in Botley.

As we have expanded and curated the boutique, we wanted our space on the web to show how very passionate we are, and how invested we are in your experience. We offer bridal styles for bold and beautiful brides, with an emphasis on timeless lace and luxury. We have selected the finest designers from across the globe, confident you will each and everyone love them.

Hannah loves her brides, announcing the new website for Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique
Bride enjoying her bespoke bridal appointment, Hannah announcing the new website for Hannah Elizabeth Bridal.

2. how


We have known our brilliant development team of The County Wedding Clubs and By The Way Creative for ages and are in love with their industry passion. Stevie and Tasha took us on a brilliant client experience journey through the website development, making sure it was not a case of a developer simply ‘getting it’. They ensured we had life breathed into a space that is created to inspire and nurture you. The technical development by The Typeface Group is also stunning.

All the beautiful details in the boutique, announcing the new website for Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique
The Blue Door and gorgeous windows at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique

3. what


So, what was it that we wanted for our site? Well that was easy, we wanted: statement, bold and inspirational. That’s exactly who we are.

We provide beautiful wedding dresses. We expertly serve our brides. We know the whole experience of buying your gown has to be perfect, with personal touches you didn’t know mattered, until they take your breath away. I wanted this site to represent everything we adore about our industry. Its grace, its beauty, its authentic and inspiring elegance.

We wanted brides to click on the site and feel as though they knew “us” immediately. We want you feel we are your perfect boutique, and not one to add to the list of 20 others to visit in an eye-watering whistle-stop Hampshire tour. We want you to know that what we offer is sublimely unique.

For Kelly and I, it’s all about our story and our passion. It is also about your introductory experience. So we set about redoing every corner of our online world. From our beautiful and inspiring Hampshire luxury bridal boutique Instagram space, to our effortlessly easy website contact form.

Exquisite accessories at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique
Kelly and Hannah at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique

We want to inspire you to “go your own way” with your gown selection, instead of following the crowd. So, we strive every day to select the perfect gowns. With the bespoke options we know our brides and clientele appreciate.

So now what? Why not have a look around? Enjoy the experience!

We want you to “feel the feels” and see the heart and passion Kelly and I have poured into our new website. Sure, it may be a little boutique with a blue door on the outside, but to us it’s a world of excitement, beauty and grace. All of a sudden we feel very grown-up and modernised, refreshed and invigorated.

Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list and keep an eye out for some exciting events coming up in the next few weeks. If you have questions, use the contact form to get in touch with Kelly or I, or visit our FAQ page here.

My dream dress at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique
Beautiful changing rooms at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, Hampshire Luxury Bridal Boutique

Site Design: The Typeface Group //
Platform: WordPress //
Imagery here: Cooper Photography //
Marketing and admin support // Tasha, The County Weddings Club and finally Copywriting // Stephanie at By The Way Creative.

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