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The perfect Bridal Accessories

Something that most of us commonly forget about is styling. Whether it be in everyday life or when picking your wedding day outfit, lots of us forget the power of accessories and how they can completely elevate an outfit. Jewellery, belts, hair accessories… these are all ‘everyday’ items that we fail to remember can completely transform our look.

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, most Brides have the tendency to look for that perfect, dream-like dress which of course is at the forefront of our minds but quite often the perfect wedding outfit is a beautiful dress with that beautiful belt and pair of designer bridal shoes that entirely transforms it.

Despite stocking such an array of unique dresses in our Boutique, we know that everyone has something different in mind for their special day and everyone has their own sense of style and vision. We want to bring together our expertise and our brides own style to create a wedding day outfit that is undeniably them through and through and trust me when I say that accessories can really make this happen!

We thought that the best way to show you exactly what we mean would be by styling up some of our Watters WTOO gowns for you. Hannah and Kelly with their expert styling eyes, have adapted five of our Watters WTOO gowns using some of our beautiful accessories. Hopefully you can see just how easily you can transform a dress and put your own stamp on it.

1. The ‘Rylan’ Dress

This beautiful gown is quite simply a show stopper all by itself with its stunning lace bodice and arms. However, the bottom of the dress is plain therefore it can’t hurt to add a couple accessories to the outfit to bring the look together and make it that little bit more interesting. We’ve added some utterly gorgeous ‘White Designs’ Bridal hair pins and hair pieces to this outfit which tie in with the intricate rose gold belt, also by White Designs Bridal. We absolutely adore the delicateness of these pieces that complement the soft, romantic feel of the dress.

Bridal Hair Pins - White Designs

The perks of having a dress that has a fairly minimal train, is that you can very easily take it from day to night. We show you how by adding this Hayley Paige Nessy over-skirt you can completely transform your outfit and the dress itself. Who says you need to spend out on two dresses for your ceremony and then evening occasion? Why not add the skirt for the daytime and remove for a more glamorous, evening look later on?

Bridal Accessories - Hayley Paige Nessy

2. The ‘Vaughn’ Dress

We adore this classic glamourous, ornate lace dress that really seems to do all the talking itself. But what would a glamorous outfit be without a fabulous feather shrug? Adding this Sasso feather piece really pulls the look that this outfit exudes together and can be one of the most perfect bridal accessories for those colder months.

Jo Barnes Hairpiece - Wedding Accessories

We also added some gorgeous delicate details in the form of a Jo Barnes hairpiece and some Lily & Rose earrings, and of course we can’t forget about our exquisite ‘Rachel Simpson’ shoes.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Wedding Accessories

3. The ‘Corbyn’ Dress

At first glance, this gown might appear to be quite a classic style. However, on closer inspection you’ll realise not only does it have pockets (amazing!) but the most stunning open back with a statement bow. This dress truly is a fabulous take on a classic!

Classic Wedding Dress - Accessories

Being quite a pure dress, we have quite a lot of flexibility accessory wise but on this occasion we’ve decided to add a bit of glam but not too much so it’s still in keeping with the style. You’ll see the chic pearl hair pins from White Designs Bridal which tie in with the delicate pearl earrings from Lily & Rose, the ultimate bridal accessories match! We’ve also added a glitzy sash and some fabulous Rachel Simpson shoes that match perfectly with the back of the dress.

Chic Pearl Hair Pins - White Designs - Wedding Accessories

4. The ‘Savannah’ Dress

This dreamy off the shoulder gown is delicately beautiful, so of course we have to add some delicately beautiful bridal accessories to match. This stunning White Designs Bridal hair circlet with beautiful Swarovski pearls and crystals is really going to ensure that you catch everyone’s eyes, especially the Grooms! Paired with this gentle, dreamy and subtle lace veil you are certain to have the most romantic and ethereal look

Bridal Hair Circlet - White Designs

Bridal Head Veil - White Designs

5. The ‘Yocelyn’ Dress

Talk about show stoppers… this exquisite floral statement dress is certainly going to ensure all eyes are on you. Being the statement dress that it is, we didn’t want to interfere with the amazing floral details and make everything look too busy, therefore we’ve kept to some beautiful yet minimal bridal accessories.

Rachel Simpson Shoes - Bridal Accessories

This Jo Barnes floral hair comb and Lily & Rose earrings complement the dress perfectly by tying in the floral pattern whilst still remaining delicate and not taking away from the dress itself. Of course we’ve also added some gorgeous blush Rachel Simpson shoes to finish off the outfit.

Wedding Earrings - Lily & Rose

Hair and Make up by : Frances Moore MUA
Photography by: We Are Cooper Photography
Model: Hannah Elizabeth Bride – Lorenza De Monte

So, there you are, five wedding day outfits that really show you how you can completely elevate your bridal style. We believe that accessories can make all the difference in helping you achieve your dream look on your wedding day and hopefully you now agree with us.

Love Lauren & The Hannah Elizabeth Girls


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