What is the price range of your Bridal Gown collections?

Our beautiful range of Bridal gowns start from £1,100 and go up to £3,700. These prices do not include alterations. – Please see below for more information.

When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

When starting the search for your Bridal Gown, there are a few very important details which we advise all our brides to have in place: Wedding date and Venue. These are both very important factors as the time of year and your venue will help influence the style of Bridal Gown that is perfect for you and your day!

To have ample time to choose and order your bridal gown we would advise starting to look around a year from your wedding date, then making your order no later than 6-8 months prior to your big day. Our bridal gowns generally have a lead time of 4-6 months and you would need to allow enough time for any alterations of around 8 weeks prior to the big day.

What happens if I don’t have 6 months until my wedding?

However, for those of you ladies who have less than the minimum required order time of 6 months in advance of your wedding date, we are still able to look into ordering your Bridal Gown at short notice; this is known as a “Rush order” which most of our designers offer to ensure our brides are able to order their chosen gown even if short for time! This does incur a rush fee which we will liaise with the designer to give you a costing. Please do not hesitate to give us a call [insert call button] should you have any further questions. We are here to help you.

Do I need to make an appointment?

At Hannah Elizabeth Bridal we run our boutique ‘By Appointment’ to ensure that every bride who makes an appointment in our lovely little boutique receives our undivided attention! Simply complete the appointments forms, and we’ll get back to you.

How long are your appointments?

Every bride who makes an appointment is booked in for a 90 minute appointment for her first visit. Upon collecting your bridal gown we book you in for a 30 minute appointment, however should you wish to choose accessories please let us know and we will allocate a full hour for this.
Accessory appointments are 30 minutes long and available between Tuesday and Friday.

Do you offer evening appointments?

We offer evening appointments on a Thursday until 8 pm by special request. There is a £20.00 charge for an evening appointment. Every bride who pays this fee recieves a £20.00 Accessory voucher to spend at Hannah Elizabeth.

Is the appointment private?

Of course! We understand the importance of this one-off purchase! Your wedding gown is the most important dress you will ever buy and we want to ensure that you have all the attention you deserve and require in searching for your dream gown!

What sizes do your dresses go up to?

We hold a variation of sizes within the boutique ranging from a size UK 10 – UK 16 with the majority of our gowns being size UK 14’s. However, upon ordering your bridal gown we will order a size to cater for your measurements.

Should I wear specific underwear when going to try on Bridal Gowns?

We always advise that our brides wear flesh coloured underwear and perhaps bring a strapless bra, this will help greatly when trying on our gowns as to avoid any unwanted underwear lines or straps!

How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

Whilst it may seem like a wonderful idea to bring all your friends and family with you to your appointment we have found from experience that this can be quite stressful and confusing for the bride. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that you bring a very small select trusted number of guests to your appointment, we allow up to a maximum of 3 guests per bride.This will allow you to relax and enjoy the appointment to its best without too many conflicting ideas and opinions, so that the focus is solely on our bride to ensure we can help her find what exactly it is that she wants.

We do ask that you do not bring any more than 3 guests with you. Please do contact us should you have any questions on 02381 781911.

Am I allowed to skype family abroad? Or take photographs during the appointment?

We understand that if your loved ones live abroad and sadly cannot be with you for your appointment, we do allow you to skype or facetime them so that they do not miss out on the whole experience and feel included. You will be able to access Wi-Fi within the boutique so please ask a member of staff.

However, we strongly advise that you do not take photographs on your phone or camera when trying on gowns. Simply because the gown you will be trying will most likely not be the correct size for you and will not fit you properly. We may have clipped or pinned you into the gown to give you a good impression of the style and shape and therefore an image of a dress that does not fit beautifully is never a good idea. We all know that camera phone photos will not do these beautiful gowns justice and therefore do not display the design and style to its best! So, we always say that it is best to go with your gut feeling and reaction as to how the gown makes you look and feel whilst in the boutique.

What happens when I find ‘The One’ and I want to place my order?

When you have had ‘The Moment’ and found ‘The One’ we will then take your body measurements and discuss sizing with you. We then require an initial payment of 50% upon the ordering of your gown. Your gown can take between 4 to 6 months to arrive and we will require the final payment within 14 days upon arrival of your gown in the boutique!

Can dresses be customised?

Our experienced team can help discuss any style changes or customisations you may wish to have made to your gown and whether it will be something that the designer can do whilst your gown is in production or whether it may be a customisation which the seamstress will need to make when you have your fittings.

What about alterations to my Bridal Gown?

Whilst we order a bridal gown which is closest to your body measurements, almost every gown will need some kind of alteration as to ensure a perfect fit for you. We have a selection of seamstresses that we recommend our brides to go to for their bridal fittings and they offer alterations within the local area. We always give all our brides the contact details and information required for the seamstresses upon ordering your gown.

Alteration costs are always charged separately and directly to your chosen seamstress. The cost can vary dependant on the amount and intensity of alterations you may need. We can advise you on approximate cost for alterations to give you a rough guide.

How many fittings would I need with the seamstress?

Ideally you would start your fittings approximately 8 weeks prior to your big day! On average we would say that most brides will have 2-3 fittings and normally you would take your gown away with you on your third fitting. The seamstress will normally indicate how many you may need dependant on the amount of alterations needed to your gown.

Do you steam my gown and veil after I have had my fittings with a seamstress?

Upon completion of your alterations with the seamstress you will bring your gown back to the boutique so that we can ensure to steam your gown along with your veil if you have one beautifully ready to be collected on a date prior to your wedding which suits you best! There is no charge for this service and we always offer this to every one of our brides who have bought a full price gown from us.

If I have not bought a gown from your boutique can I still come along for an ‘Accessory Appointment’?

Yes of course – We warmly invite brides to make accessory appointments within our boutique! We would require that you make an appointment which will last for half an hour. We do ask our brides to bring an image of their bridal gown to help us in guiding and styling you with the perfect accessories from our stunning collection of designers.

I have seen you have advertised you are hosting a ‘Trunk Show’ what is this?

Trunk Shows are wonderful and exciting events to attend, they are exclusive events dedicated to one of our specific bridal designers! They are hosted within the boutique and are normally held over the duration of a weekend. During the event the selected designer sends in a large selection of their gowns which we do not normally have in the boutique for our brides to preview and try. It can vary from a specific or seasonal collection and is a fantastic opportunity to try on a large selection of gowns by a designer of ours which you love. We always offer an ‘Exclusive Discount’ for the event to any bride who finds her dream gown! Don’t forget to let us know if there is a specific gown by the event designer which you are looking to try so we can try to ensure to include this in the event for you.

These events are always very popular and due to high demand do get booked up far in advance! To save any disappointment please do get in touch as soon as you spot one of these events on our social media to ensure you make your personal appointment. We still run by an appointment service to ensure that all our brides get the full attention they deserve and require.

To make the most of it we offer champagne and a variety of sweet treats to make the event extra special!

What happens if there is a specific gown which I would like to try by a designer you stock and you do not have this gown in the boutique?

Some of our designers offer a loaning service whereby this gives our brides the opportunity to try on a gown that they may have spotted within a collection which we do not necessarily have in the boutique. The charge to loan a gown is £50.00 which we do deduct off the cost of your gown should you decide to order on the day that you loan the gown.

Please do let us know if there is a specific gown by any of our designers and we can tell you whether we stock this design and if not whether we are able to loan it in for you to try.

Is there parking near the boutique?

Yes, there is a free car park situated behind the Dolphin Pub which is less than a two-minute walk from the boutique. Please see the Find Us page.

What happens if I would like to cancel or re arrange my appointment?

Please let us know as soon as you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment. We always ask that you let us know with a minimum of 24 hours notice as these time slots are precious and we always have a reservation list so that we can offer the appointment to another bride who is searching for her dream gown.

To let us know please either call us on on 02381 781911 or email: appointments@hannahelizabethbridal.com